Item #: 210470

Savage 25 Inch Modmaster Softbox

The Savage ModMaster™ Adaptable Speedlight Softbox is a very easy-to-open, versatile softbox complete with a detachable speedlight adapter. All rods are secured to the frame and just require a simple push to lock into an open position. Never worry about fumbling with loose parts or losing a rod again! Handhold with the comfort grip handle or attach to any light stand with a 5/8″ stud. Remove the speedlight adapter and the softbox can attach to any Bowens mount studio light. When your photo shoot is done, the modifier collapses down in seconds into a single piece for easy storage in a convenient carry bag.

Extra feature: Attach as many as 5 speedlights and mount an umbrella (not included) to the adapter when high power is needed.
  • Softbox collapses as a single piece
  • Sets up in seconds with easy snap-open features
  • Silver reflective interior Includes inner and outer diffuser panels
  • Mount Bowens studio strobes or speedlight adapter
  • Adapter can also be used with an umbrella and up to 5 speedlights for high power application

Softbox with Bowens mount
Inner diffuser
Outer difuser
Speedlight adapter with handle
Carry bag