Sirui SH05 Video Tripod Kit

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Sirui SH05 Video Tripod Kit

Why Choose SIRUI SH05 Video Tripod Kit? Different from traditional video tripod kits, SIRUI SH05 video tripod kits are made lightweight and portable for video makers and filmmakers, allowing them to manage outdoor shooting much easier.

Key Features

  • Lightweight with High Quality
    SIRUI video tripod does not sacrifice quality for lightness and portability. Both the tripod and the video head are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is of high strength and resistant to scratches and abrasion.
  • Small but Excellent
    The video head is mounted on the tripod via a bowl of 60mm in diameter. If you want to level the shooting angle, just turn the handle at the bottom of the video head without adjusting the tripod. The video head features a hollowed-out design that further reduces the weight itself. Accessories with multiple specs can be attached to the head via the 3/8" screw port.
  • Hydraulic Dampers
    Built-in hydraulic dampers provide smooth speed and motion control. The video head can automatically rebound to the original position after the handle is let go.
  • Multi-Angle Shooting
    The video head comes with separate pan and tilts locking systems. The panorama base allows for 360° pan of the head while the tilting range is -75° to +90°
  • Handle with a Rubber Sleeve
    A handle with a rubber sleeve is designed for a comfortable grip. You can mount the handle either left or right and pan/tilt the handle 360° for angle adjustment.
  • Versatile QR Plate and Mounting Screws
    The versatile QR plate is equipped with two safety locks to prevent the gear from accidentally falling. You can mount useful accessories on the video head via the 1/4" and 3/8" mounting screws.
  • Multi-Tube Design
    The hollowed-out multi-tube design greatly reduces the weight of the tripod itself, allowing you to carry the tripod around effortlessly when shooting outdoors. The diameter of the middle leg tube is increased up to 23mm to ensure that the tripod is of good stability even when fully opened.
  • Optional Heights
    The tripod is comprised of three sections. Loosen the leg locks and lift them up and down to desired heights (from 710mm/27.95inches to 1400mm/55.12inches) according to your shooting purposes.
  • Center Spreader and Leg Locking Buckles
    The center spreader can be individually adjusted in width to give the tripod the necessary stability. Lift the spreader up to quickly pack up the tripod. The leg locking buckles are attached to prevent the leg tubes from easily opening up.

What's Included

Sirui SH05 Video Tripod Kit
Sirui SH05 Video Head with Handle
Sirui SH05 Tripod Legs
Sirui VP-SH05 Quick Release Plate
Sirui Tripod Case
Sirui USA 1 Year Limited Warranty