Viltrox 27mm f/1.2 Pro Lens Fujifilm XF

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Viltrox 27mm f/1.2 Pro Fujifilm XF

The AF 27mm F1.2 Pro lens is the second ultra-large aperture prime lens of the Pro flagship series launched by Viltrox after the AF 75mm F1.2 Pro. Continuing the amazing ultra-high resolution of the Pro series and F1.2 super large aperture for extremely pleasant bokeh.

Key Features

  • Pro All-Around Master
    New Vision f/1.2 large aperture autofocusing prime lens: 15/11 lens elements (2 ED, 5 high refractive index lenses, & 1 aspherical lens), uses Japanese HOYA brand material on the aspherical element, a close focusing distance of 11.02 inches, STM motors for high speed and precision focusing, and dust-proof and splash proof design.
  • f/1.2 Fast and Large Aperture Turns Every Moment into a Highlight
    The f/1.2 large aperture presents an unparalleled blue effect, creating a deeper expression of the picture with a very shallow depth of field no matter how complicated the background environment is. Thus the main subject still emerges vividly. With soft and charming bokeh, the transition from what is in focus to what is out of focus is smooth and pleasant. The super large aperture of f/1.2 opens up more possibilities in the the dark of night, or low lit environments, with a high shutter speed and lower ISO as a possibility for more creative applications.
  • Phenomenal Sharpe Image Quality Experience
    The image quality of the AF 27mm f/1.2 Pro XF is still unbeatable even when the f/1.2 aperture is fully opened. And, it is always sharp from the center to the edge of the image frame. Using HOYA special nitrate material, excellent chromatic aberration, and dispersion control, allows for practically no worries while photographing or videoing at full aperture.
  • Golden Focal Length Leap to Full-time Master
    27mm is equivalent is about 40mm in full-frame, which is close to the angle of view of the human eye. It can be well used in urban photography, humanities, landscapes, and portrait photography. Open up the fun of photography and become a full-time master.
  • High-speed and Accurate Autofocus to Grasp the Decisive Moment
    Fast and accurate autofocus is achieved with a quiet and highly responsive STM stepping motor. With excellent autofocus performance, every decisive moment can be captured accurately and reliably.
  • 11.02 Inches Minimum Autofocus Distance Equals Excellent Close-up Ability
    AF 27mm f/1.2 Pro XF has minimum focus distance of only 11.02 inches. At pro-level ultra-high resolution, the details are clearly visible, not only retaining more details, but also with superior f/1.2 large aperture, the subject is effectively highlighted.
  • All-Around Reliability Design
    A dust and splash-proof design for being fearless in complex environments, with an all metal body means this lens was built with high grade sealing for strong weather resistance. The front element has been coated for waterproofing and antifouling.
  • Excellent Video Recording Shooting Performance
    With an inherently superior large aperture brings greater light flux and the proficient autofocus system makes the breathing effect insignificant, allowing the creation immerse itself in the story. Reliable video shooting ability, grants the operator simpler creation and to focus on work.

What's Included

Viltrox 27mm f/1.2 Lens Fujifilm XF
Front Cap
Rear Cap
Lens Hood
Lens Pouch
Viltrox USA 1 Year Limited Warranty