4 Landscape Composition Reminders

4 Landscape Composition Reminders

Words and Images by Jerred Zegelis

1 - Keep your horizon level!

This is a common mistake, so make sure to watch out for your horizon line. When photographers leave the landscape “tilted” to one side or another, it introduces uncertainty to the photograph. Turn on your “grid lines” in the viewfinder or screen and make sure to keep your horizon level so you don’t have to crop out too much in post-processing.

Tree line by Jerred Zegelis 

2 - Use lower ISO settings.

This is a good tip to remember if you’re just learning how to photograph on manual mode. Often times when you are outside you’ll have quite a bit of light to work with. Because of this, you can lower your ISO setting to ensure you’re getting the highest quality photo possible!


3 - Remember to vary your perspective.

Try to look at your scene and ask yourself: is this the best position to photograph this? Look around and see if some other spots might work as well. You can move in and out of the scene, and rotate around to different places to see if other perspectives work.

 Landscape photographer by Jerred Zegelis

Landscape photographer 2 by Jerred Zegelis


4 - Ask yourself: what is this photograph about?

Make sure that you do your best to communicate that to the viewer who is looking at your photograph. You won’t always have the opportunity to tell them, so make sure your subject is clear and easy to determine.


Horse by Jerred Zegelis


About Jerred Zegelis

Jerred or Mr. Z, as his students fondly know him, has been a photography teacher and photographer for more than 18 years. Jerred's goal for every class is for each student to find their voice through photography.

Jerred's former students include fashion photographers, landscape and art photographers, wedding and portrait photographers. 

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