Better Food and Family Shots This Holiday

Better Food and Family Shots This Holiday

The holidays are the time of the year we can't wait for, partly because of all the amazing food soon to be on our plates and the fun and warm atmosphere with family. Yet it all comes and goes so fast, how can we remember it all?

Photos, of course!

This year, make it a point to take just a few moments of time and create some more memorable, share-worthy photos of your celebrations. When you set your mind to "document" instead of just take snapshots, you'll create some fantastic memories.

Here are some easy bits of advice to help you get better photographs to document the day:

1 - Get at least one shot of the set-up before the feast. Presentation matters, and there's a lot of hard work put into how the table looks!

(Photo by David Uhlig @photoomaha)

2 - Photograph the preparation! Get in there while the cooking is happening to make some great photographs of the cooking while it's happening.

3 - Window light is key! Try to take some of the plates briefly near some window light to let nature take care of your lighting set-up. These shots were all taken just moving the food near a window, creating some pleasing photographs.

4 - Take a few shots of people as they sit down - RIGHT before the meal and the anticipation is high. We don't want to capture images of people shoving mashed potatoes in their mouth, do we?

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