Holiday Gift Ideas for New Photographers

Holiday Gift Ideas for New Photographers

The world of photography is a big one, and buying a gift for a loved one can be confusing. We're here to help with a selection of gifts for the new or beginning photographer that are sure ways to bring a smile to their face and level up their photography kits.

Promaster 200SL Flash

Promaster 200sl flash

These flash units are a great way to upgrade the photographer's ability to shoot in variable light. The Promaster flash is small, powerful, and adds a whole new world of opportunity. They are also easy to use and reliable, which are perfect for beginners.

ThinkTank Shoulder Bag - Storyteller

Camera bags aren't just stylish, they are also useful for the new photographer. These bags come in two sizes and are a great way for the photographer to carry their gear in a system that is reliable and will protect their gear. These bags look great too!


Home Printer

The Canon G620 printer is the perfect printer allowing the new photographer to print stunning, high resolution prints right from their office. This printer has been designed by Canon to be efficient as well, allowing the photographer to print more than 3,500 4x6" prints from home!

Vanguard Vesta 204AP Tripod

Tripods are a foundational aspect of photography, and a sturdy and reliable tripod is something every photographer should have. The Vesta is perfect for someone new to photography and will help them achieve new photographs they weren't able to before!

Promaster PRO LED Rechargeable Light

These LED lights can fit in any camera bag and are perfect for someone getting into photography by adding an affordable and reliable lighting solution. These are small enough to go anywhere with the photographer and can be useful for many different lighting situations, from portraits to macro photographs!

Card Reader: Promaster Pro 3105

A dedicated card reader for the photographer's memory cards is a great improvement on always having to connect the camera through the camera's cord. A memory card reader is often faster and more reliable, allowing the photographer to save their camera battery for what really matters: taking photos!

Photo Books

Rockbrook has a wide variety of photography books, and one of the most useful gifts could be a complete guide to the photographer's camera. These in-depth guides allow the user to view the book and learn their camera at their own pace.

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