Holiday Recommendations From Our Staff

Holiday Recommendations From Our Staff

  • Promaster 200SL Speedlight- "For anyone that's afraid to spend money on a speedlight, it's only $98 and it's TTL (Through The Lens).  It'll get you in the lighting game for under $100."
  • Sony A7c - "Small and powerful. If you want your vacation photos to be the best they can be, this is a small camera that gives big results."

  • Canon R - "It's full frame, which is really nice. It's really good if you want to get into mirrorless and full frame. It's lightweight and perfect for landscape and street photography."
  • Screen Protectors - "Don't forget to protect your screen from scratches and the elements. Get a clear and safe view of your photos!"

  • GODOX M1 Light RGB - "It's sweet! Throw it in your pocket for some cool effects for both video and still. Wide range of colors and a lot of fun ways to modify your photos.
  • Hitchhiker XL - Promaster - "Compact. Fits in your pocket. It's a compact, versatile tripod that can also act like a handle and selfie stick."
  • Promaster 3195. premium cleaning cloth. Don't forget to take care of the most vital equipment

  • Sony A7III - Relatively inexpensive. Full frame entry-level mirrorless. This is a great camera with fantastic low-light and autofocus that lets people get in on a full frame camera. Fantastic for both still and video.
  • XCM525 Tripod - Promaster. "Light. Portable travel tripod. It's modular for people who are traveling or hiking, this is a sturdy and rugged tripod that will last.

  • EOS Canon R6 - "It's the best all around camera you can ever buy."
  • Canon RF50mm 1.8 - "Inexpensive Bokeh."
  • UV Protection HGX Promaster - "Easy to clean with strong glass will protect against scratches, dust and oil as well as protect your investment by protecting your lens from shock and breaks."

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