Godox MF-R76S TTL Macro Ring Flash Sony

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Godox MF-R76S TTL Macro Ring Flash Sony

Beyond the remarkable splendor easily found in life, there are also unnoticeable moments to explore. Armed with the TTL R76, you can enjoy the ease of shooting a stunning close-up image. The user-friendly interface, efficiency-enhancing TTL, and high-speed sync that captures the aesthetics at the moment, all contribute to the efficiency of your close-up exploration. Open the box, load the battery, and start shooting, everything is just that simple.

Key Features

  • Auto-adjust Brightness
    TTL frees you from time-consuming and dreary adjustments. Getting the desired illumination no longer requires extensive testing with the support of TTL, improving your shooting efficiency.
  • Sync for Stunning Captures
    Picture exciting moment with sync functions of the TTL R76. With high-speed sync, you can take sharp, clear photos when capturing fast movements. Furthermore, it includes front and rear curtain sync capabilities to enhance your image-making creativity.
  • Newbie-friendly
    Starting your macro photography journey involves less effort when you hold a TTL R76. Even if you are a dentist with no experience in macro photography, a user-friendly interface gets you ready right away.
  • 2.4G Wireless System
    Featuring the 2.4G wireless capability, it can work with Godox 2.4G wireless X system lights to create abundant lighting setups, getting a variety of lighting effects.
  • Shadow-less Light
    As a ring flash that shares the same optical axis as the lens, the TTL R76 delivers shadow-less light that renders all the details and illuminates the subject evenly.
  • Variable Contrast
    Beauty in nature is abundant, and the way to record them can be diverse. The twin-tube design allows you to adjust each side to a separate power ratio, adding drama to your images by making contrasts when needed.
  • Focus Assist Lamps
    For optimal efficiency when creating, two focus-assist Lamps with 10 levels of power ratio make it simpler to focus in dim light.
  • Long-lasting Battery Life
    Highlights are fleeting, but the durable battery life of the TTL R76 gives you the flexibility to capture the magic of the close-up world without concern about losing crucial seconds.

What's Included

Godox MF-R76S TTL Macro Ring Flash Sony
49mm Adapter Ring
52mm Adapter Ring
55mm Adapter Ring
58mm Adapter Ring
62mm Adapter Ring
67mm Adapter Ring
72mm Adapter Ring
77mm Adapter Ring
Lithium Battery
USB Charger
USB-C Charging Cable
Storage Bag
1 Year Limited Warranty