Godox X2T-O TTL Transmitter Olympus Panasonic

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Godox X2T-O TTL Transmitter for Olympus/Panasonic

Godox X2 Series TTL wireless flash trigger can work with Godox camera flashes, and studio flashes with built-in Godox X wireless radio system. X2 acheives stable, reliable and effective real-time signal transmission which makes it a good choice for photographers who have various lighting demands.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly Design & Easy to Operate
    Equipped with a larger, clear LCD, with 5 group setting buttons, and 3 function buttons to realize quick setting adjustments. The adjustment dial is positioned in the bottom of the left-hand corner so as to obstruct the LCD panel of the camera.

  • Bluetooth Support
    By Bluetooth Connecting a smartphone and X2 trigger, all built-in receiver 2.4G Godox flashes can be triggered and controlled vis Godox flashes can be triggered via the GodoxPhoto App. Using your iPhone/Android-based tablets or smartphones to connect via Bluetooth to the X2 after downloading the app allows you to control the flash mode, power output, the modeling light mode, the beep of the Godox flashes, etc.

  • Supporting TTL Autoflash Functions & Professional Functions
    The X2T-C gives full compatibilty for Olympus/Panasonic cameras with 5 groups, 32 channels and access to 99 wirless ID settings to limit the interference from other nearby systems. (Reminder: ONLY when the wireless ID and channel of the master flash and slave flash are the same, can they be triggered.) The full support of autoflash, 1/8000s high-speed sync, multiflash mode, manual mode, flash exposure compensation, andjusting all groups' output value simultaneously, etc. The newly added scan setting funcition can help automatically detect the channel with the least interference. The X2T offers also one-shot and multi-shot settings, support for firmware upgrades via Type C USB cables, and wirelessly triggering by 3.5mm sync cord jacks.

    Supplied Accessories:
    Godox X2T-O 2.4 GHz TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Olympus/Panasonic
    1 Year Limited Warranty