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ProMaster Knit Photo Gloves Small

ProMaster Knit Photo Gloves are great for photography in cool weather. The index finger and thumb tips fold back and are held in place with small magnets. This allows for a more tactile experience with your camera. A non-slip coating on the fingers and palm ensure a firm, safe grip on your precious photo gear. Ribbed wrist cuffs keep wind out and warmth in.

Key Features:

  • Keep your hands from freezing while you're having fun in the cold with your camera!

  • Instead of having to take off your gloves or go without them, remove the pointer-finger cover for touching the shutter of your camera.

  • ProMaster Photo Gloves come in Knit and 4-Layer styles in SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, & EXTRA-LARGE sizes.

  • Nothing beats having warm hands when handling your gear in cool or even freezing temperatures.