Why printing photos at a real photo lab really is better

Why printing photos at a real photo lab really is better

By Kim Bultsma

Our Facebook fan Keven Martin posted his amazing discovery on our wall last week: the photo lab at Rockbrook Camera prints better photos than the leading big box store. First, the image from our competitor:

Image by Keven Martin - Printed at Big Box Store

What we notice about most of our big box competitors is that they often print very dark. There are several reasons for that, which we will discuss in a moment, but let's get to the print that came from Rockbrook Camera's photo lab:

Image printed by Rockbrook Camera - captured by Keven Martin

For the record, we did ask Keven which photograph he thought was the best and truest representation of color that he saw the day he shot the image:

Keven's Comment


Obviously, we could end the discussion here, right? Proof positive, we could say. But I thought I'd chat with Roger Irwin at the Rockbrook Camera Legacy location to get his thoughts.

Why does our photo lab produce better results than big box stores?

Roger said it's because we want to be better than our competition. "All the people who work in our lab are either photographers or designers and have a creative background," Roger said. "We take pride in printing our customers' memories." Unfortunately, big box stores just run your photos through their machine in a more automated manner--without looking at your images first.

Roger also explained how Rockbrook Camera, unlike most big box stores, color corrects every photo that comes through our system. "We check for brightness, contrast, and so on--we even contact customers when we think their photos won't turn out the way they might be expecting them." Furthermore, we are constantly monitoring our print chemistries to make sure our color profiles are always up to date--this ensures the best color for your photos

Your images can be more than just prints, too!

Don't forget that our special TLC for traditional prints goes far beyond! Roger said, "Remember--all of our photo gifts are done in-house. We don't send them out like many other labs do. We have dedicated photo experts creating these gifts."

And don't forget about the big prints! Rockbrook Camera hand-stretches our own canvas, and we produce all of our metal and wood products in house, too.

What if I don't know what type of product my print should be on?

Our photo experts in the Creative Imaging Suite photo lab love to help you with your selections! "We are all photographers," Roger said, "and we can offer expert assistance on the display of your photo memories." He said that it's exciting for our photo experts to work with customers, suggesting how to make collages on their walls and helping them brainstorm creative displays.

"It's part of our passion!" Roger said.

From camera to print to wall--Rockbrook Camera does it all!

We really are your one-stop-shop for all things photography--from helping you find the right camera for your shooting needs to educational classes...all the way to printing your precious memories. Our photo experts are ready to help you take your photography to the next level!

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