Holiday Gift Guide for Advanced Photographers

Holiday Gift Guide for Advanced Photographers

Advanced photographers can be tough to buy for. It's likely they already have a lot of gear!  However, here are some ideas to help bring them some joy during the season.

Rugged Memory Cards

These memory cards are exactly what every pro needs: guaranteed reliability. These have a lifetime warranty and if anything goes wrong with them, the photographer can bring the memory card in for immediate replacement at Rockbrook Camera.

Godox AD300 with XPro Remote Trigger

Godox is the standard for reliable, high quality lighting for advanced photographers. A photographer with the XPro remote trigger and the AD300 Flash has one of the world's best lighting options at their service. Used professionally all over the world, this is a powerful addition to any portrait photographer's arsenal.

High-End Printer (Canon Prograf Pro 1000)

Advanced photographers are in luck because there are some truly incredible printers that allows them to basically have a professional printing studio at home. Ask the salesperson what might be right for the photographer in your life, because there are many options available. As a bonus, there are high-end paper options also in stock, allowing the artist to print on new materials to add value to their work.

Camera Bag

Take a look at your photographer's camera bag. Is it beaten up? Too small? How stylish is it? If they have some work to do on those fronts, consider a camera bag that isn't only reliable and offers protection, but one that looks great as well! There are a wide variety of options, but the bags from Wandrd and Peak Design not only look fantastic, they are also built for the professional photographer.

Tripod Upgrade: Sirui ST124 Carbon Fiber

Does the photographer in your life still use their old tripod from the 80's? Consider a step-up to a carbon fiber option like this one from Sirui. The ST124 is sturdy, light, and reliable for the photographer who needs to be able to trust their gear will perform perfectly every time. And the carbon fiber allows it to be extremely strong and go everywhere without breaking the back!

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