Holiday Gift Guide for Any Photographer In Your Life

Holiday Gift Guide for Any Photographer In Your Life

Are you ready to surprise the photographer in your life with something... awesome? Here are some sure ways to make their day this holiday season.

Digital Survival Kit Type 1

An absolutely perfect gift for any type of photographer, this kit comes in a handy travel package and has everything you need to clean your camera in the field, including sensor swabs, cleaning liquid and professional wipes for your glass. Don't be stuck in the field trying to use your t-shirt to clean your stuff again!

Hurricane Blower

Dusty situations are a challenge for any photographer, and the possibility of getting small spots on your sensor is a real one when in the field. This handy and small blower allows you to safely blow the dust from your inner-camera body without fear of moisture hitting your sensor. This is a safe and easy to implement cleaning sensor cleaning method that can clear most small dust spots!

Black Rapid - Any Strap

Upgrading from the standard strap that came with the camera to a more comfortable and useful strap is a great gift idea for any photographer. Black Rapid straps allow the camera to comfortably hang at the photographer's side and their system allows for quick access to the camera without a fuss. This is great on the back, and useful in the field.


Rockbrook has a wide variety of classes planned for 2022, including in person photo walks, editing workshops, camera-specific classes and much more. Get the photographer in your life a gift card so they can choose the class that fits their wants and needs the most!

GoPro 10

Photographers sometimes wish they had something a little more powerful in their pocket than their phone to take video while in the field, and there may be no better option on the planet than the new GoPro. It's fast, compact, and has amazing 5K video.

Photo Books

Rockbrook has a variety of photo books on hand to purchase, which is always a wonderful gift for the photographer in your life. You can purchase camera-specific books, as well as nature, lighting, portrait, and street photography guides. Come in and see what your photographer may enjoy, there are many options available!

Small Video Ring Light

These small lights are designed for the photographer to put on their laptop for use on Zoom calls, which upgrades the quality significantly. However, these rechargeable lights can also be used in the field for quick and easy access to help light subjects in the dark and are especially fun to use to help light macro objects in the field. 

Canvas Prints 

The printed work is special. In today's world, it's unique. Getting a professional canvas made at Rockbrook makes for a great gift that will wow the entire room. These canvas gifts have accurate color, contrast and clarity that are carefully crafted by the professionals at Rockbrook.

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