Holiday Gift Guide for Intermediate Photographers

Holiday Gift Guide for Intermediate Photographers

For those who are progressing nicely in their photography journey, there are many options to choose from if you are looking to bring a smile to their face this holiday season!

Rugged Memory Cards

A memory card needs to be reliable, fast, and trustworthy. These memory cards are all that and more. If anything goes wrong, all the photographer needs to do is bring them into the store to be replaced immediately with no questions asked. This is bringing peace-of-mind to the photographer in your life!

Godox v860 Speedlight

The Godox system has taken the industry by storm, and this speedlight is a great example of why. Not only is it fast and powerful enough to light up a dark room, it's also got great battery life. And on top of all of this, it works wonderfully with the entire Godox system, so photographers who are ready to get more into lighting can use this speedlight in conjuction with the rest of the Godox lineup.

Extension Tubes

These are a fun way for photographers to "get close" without buying a macro lens. These work by allowing the photographer to focus closer than the lens normally allows, which opens up new abilities and fun!

IR Remotes

There are times when the photographer might want to use a remote to shoot photographs, and these kits open up new creative abilities. Astro photographers and those looking to do "water-flowing" scenes will love being able to take photos without possibly disturbing their cameras!

Photo Books

When photographers want to go beyond their current abilities and learn something new, photo books are a great way to do this. There are a wide variety of books available for the emerging photographer!

Tripod: Promaster Xc-m525

This Promaster tripod is definitely a step up from most tripods. It allows the photographer to have a reliable platform that's portable, dependable and will only enhance their abilities.

MindShift Camera bag

The MindShift Firstlight 20L is one of those camera bags that truly has everything a photographer would want. Lots of storage. Protection from the elements and bangs and bruises. And the comfort necessary to take their photography gear anywhere - even on long hikes in nature!

Portable LED Lighting

The Godox M1 is a portable lighting attachment that can also stand on its own anywhere the photographer needs it to be. Beyond this, turning this on for the first time is one of the most fun experiences, as the bells and whistles this light has is beyond enjoyable. It's powerful, gives the photographer lots of options for both video and stills, and can be taken anywhere due to its long battery life.

Saramonic Vmic Mini

Photographers have an amazing video camera with them at all times, and the Saramonic Vmic Mini allows them to use microphones in the field to get great quality audio. This is truly a level-up from the camera's built-in microphone.

VSK 2 - Video Slider

Does the videographer in your life enjoy the cool camera movement that we see in movies and on YouTube? The VSK 2 video slider allows the camera to move smoothly and easily to open up new visual opportunities for the video artist!

Pro300 Canon Printer

A true professional printer, the Pro300 from Canon is like having a photo lab at home. The photographer can make stunning, long-lasting prints right from their office in order to sell prints, enjoy them on the wall, or share them with family and friends.

Godox LR150 - Ringlight

The Godox LR150 Ring Light provides a powerful and beautiful solution for photographs. The even lighting of a ring light is sought after for pleasing portraits, both as a solution to portrait photography and lighting still life arrangements, flowers and more!


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