Nikon Z fc Mirrorless Camera Review

Nikon Z fc Mirrorless Camera Review

Review and images by Jerred Zegelis


Hey!  I’m Jerred with Rockbrook camera, and we recently received a cool new camera in our store!

This is the Nikon Z fc , a 20 megapixel, stylish retro camera calling back to Nikon’s rich heritage of film cameras like the Nikon FM.

The Z fc uses Nikon’s new Z mount, meaning that while it looks retro, the insides of this camera are definitely not. This is a modern camera with almost all the bells and whistles you’d expect.

I had some time with this camera recently, and here are three things to pay attention to for the Z fc.

#1  The styling. 

Nikon Z fc front view

The lines and construction of this camera really look sharp. Everything’s retro right now, it seems, and the Z fc is a stunning example of retro done right. The silver and black combination has some fantastic contrast, and this definitely looks like a film camera when you’re out in public. 


Nikon Z fc controls

It also has mechanical controls for shutter, ISO and exposure compensation. It’s a different experience than many of us are used to, and completes the retro experience.  It’s a lot of fun to feel the clicks as you change your settings, completing the tactile experience of using the Z fc.  


#2 It’s a really good option for vlogging.

 Nikon Z fc video capabilities and set-up

The articulating screen lets us see exactly what we are getting, and when you combine that with the ability to have full-time eye focus that responds quickly and accurately, we’ve got a camera that can handle fast focusing needs in the field. 

Nikon Z fc articulating screen for video

Nikon Z fc Autofocus capabilities


The Z fc has a mic input and a range of great looking 4K options. It’s a very easy camera to set up and get great videos anywhere you can put your tripod thanks to the articulating screen that gives you access to the video controls in selfie mode.  


#3 Image quality is excellent.

That’s why we buy a camera, isn’t it? The Z fc doesn’t disappoint, and with the range of Z mount lenses, gives the photographer the ability to not just have a stylish camera in the field, but to produce stunning, high quality results.

Sample image of urban wall taken with Nikon Z fc

sample image of yellow flower taken with Nikon Z fc

So there you have it!  Come on in to Rockbrook Camera and check out the Nikon Z fc.



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